4 March 2014

Dozens of youths, children and parents took part in a colorful rally on March 2nd in central Jakarta, Indonesia to highlight the need to preserve antibiotics for future generations.

The rally was organised by Yayasan Orangtua Peduli (YOP), an Indonesian non-governmental organisation working with ReAct as part of the global CSO (Civil Society Organisations) project, that aims to help bring about behaviour change on the use of antibiotics among community organisations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The participants in the rally included officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, doctors and volunteers working with YOP as well as dozens of parents who came along with their children. Holding placards with messages on the need to stop misuse of antibiotics the rallyists marched over two kilometers through the streets of central Jakarta- which are designated ‘car-free’ zones and where thousands of other Jakartans gather every Sunday.


“This is the first ever street-level campaign on safe use of antibiotics in Indonesia we have conducted and the response is very good,” said Dr Wati, founder of YOP, that was set up in 2003 and currently has a network spread across 17 cities in Indonesia.

YOP runs programmes and projects focused on health promotion, particularly of children. The YOP also promotes rational use of medicines, especially antibiotics. Core activities of the network include a social media campaign; health education courses for parent;, a model clinic promoting physician-parent/patient partnership, a breast-feeding support group and consumer research.

The membership of the online social media campaign through Twitter, Facebook, mailing lists and blogs, of the network stands at over 12,000. Since 2012 YOP has also been running the Smart Use of Antibiotics (SUA) project, which was inspired by the ASU (Antibiotic Smart Use) project in Thailand.

Source : reactgroup.org

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